Automated Software Updating and Management

firegate ANAThe Firegate Server comes equipped to provide the real-time, powerful benefits of ANA Management Service. Firegate ANA is an intelligent Automated Network Agent responsible for diagnosing and fixing problems as well as installing product enhancements and updates on Firegate Servers.

Firegate ANA empowers customers with the assurance that their office network systems are managed, updated, and secured. Contact Wiresoft to purchase ANA Management Service for your servers, and take advantage of the benefits of Firegate ANA today.

Here’s how ANA works:
ANA delivers new updates and enhancements
ANA uses the Internet to deliver software updates and enhancements to Firegate Servers. Each Firegate Server periodically checks with ANA to determine if it is up-to-date with the latest software. If there is a new update available, it is automatically delivered.

ANA unpacks and installs new software
ANA unpacks and installs new software updates automatically, and a log of all updates is immediately available through the Firegate interface. ANA can also update Firegate with new features available as Modules (see below).

ANA monitors the system’s performance
As a part of routine system maintenance, ANA can run diagnostic checks on each Firegate Server. ANA is able to prevent many common server problems by alerting administrators and by performing remote maintenance.

ANA alerts the administrator of special events
If ANA determines there is a problem with a Firegate Server it can alert the administrator, often times before any damage is done. ANA can also be used to remind administrators when a machine needs routine maintenance like the back-up of configuration files.

ANA can automate more than 90% of server management tasks.

ANA automates numerous administrator tasks such as software updating, back-ups, and service restarts. ANA also provides valuable security protection services such as intrusion detection, active security protection, and customizable alerts.

All servers enabled by ANA are managed 24-7-365. In addition, Wiresoft offers a powerful, easy-to-configure user interface that lets you monitor and control services performed by ANA.

ANA pinpoints the cause of performance breakdowns and bottlenecks, letting you know whether your Internet connection is the root of the problem, or whether it is due to the network, the application, or the platform. If there are any issues that ANA is unable to resolve, you are immediately notified via customizable alerts.

ANA’s powerful network intelligence capabilities provide significant cost savings through preventative maintenance, updating, alerting, monitoring, and other “smart” services.