The Firegate Server is a powerful, integrated server suite based on the Linux operating system. With a Firegate Server installed, corporate offices and e-businesses enjoy direct access to the most advanced and reliable networking technologies available.

Value Highlights
– Powerful, diverse, and pre-configured server suite
– Low start-up cost, low total cost of ownership through subscription license
– Avoid software migration and integration costs through automated services
– No additional fees for adding system users

Secure Internet Connectivity
Firegate Server includes an extensible enterprise firewall, integrated virtual private networking (VPN), SSL Web services, system hardening, integrated intrusion detection, advanced authentication services, and more. Firegate Server continuously protects networks from unauthorized access, inspects traffic, and alerts network administrators of important events.

Intelligent, Automated Services
ANA Network Services, working together with the Firegate Server, fully automates the delivery and management of server software across the Internet. Automated Network Administration (ANA) technology provides an unseen but powerful capability to Firegate Servers through a savvy software agent responsible for preventing, diagnosing and fixing problems, as well as installing product enhancements and updates on Firegate Servers.

Unified Server Management (Web and Wireless)
By combining enterprise security and high-performance server functions into one platform, Firegate Server provides a common management infrastructure that reduces network complexity and costs. Firegate utilizes widely compatible browser-based and wireless device interfaces for convenient, remote administration.

Interoperable, Extensible Platform
Firegate is designed from the ground up to achieve the flexibility enterprise customers require by using open standards and technologies. Wiresoft provides third parties the means to develop and integrate applications into Firegate in the form of add-on modules. Currently there are numerous add-on modules available for Firegate that extend its computing capabilities.

Major Features
The Firegate Server provides the following features accessible right out of the box:
VPN Server – IPSEC, PPTP enabled Virtual Private Networking
WAP Access – provides Wireless Access to Firegate admin functions and Email through WAP enabled devices
Internet/Office E-mail Server – provides staff with their own email address accessible from the office or over the Web
TCP/IP Firewall – protects your system from unauthorized access
Network Address Translation
WWW Server with domain multi-hosting – provides efficient management of numerous WWW domains and Web sites
WWW Proxy Server – provides intelligent Internet content caching and filtering
File Server – provides efficient sharing of files across the office and the Internet
Remote Access Server – provides dial-up services to Firegate users allowing them to access the office LAN or the Internet from any telephone line
Public FTP server – provides Firegate users with the ability to post and exchange important files across the office LAN or the Internet
Domain Name Server (DNS) – provides address services for domains on the Internet and in the office
Radius Authentication Server – provides secure dial-up authentication for Firegate users
Backup Server – provides automated copying and restoring of important system configuration information and valuable company data

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